The Ultimate 2024 Video Marketing Playbook

Whether you’re stepping into the realm of video marketing or aiming to enhance your video strategy in 2024, now is the opportune moment! Video Marketing Statistics 2023 reveal a groundbreaking trend — a record-breaking 96% of marketers recognize the significance of video content in their marketing strategy.

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have become more than just platforms – they’re virtual stages where your business could either stand out from the competition, or fall flat under pressure. Video marketing is not just a trend; it’s a powerhouse strategy that lets you connect with your audience on a whole new level.

Organic Social Media Marketing:

Let’s talk about organic social media marketing first. You’ve got a tight budget, and you want to maximize your reach – enter low-cost social videos. These could be anything from behind-the-scenes glimpses, quick tutorials, or even a day-in-the-life snippet of your business. From daily Instagram and Facebook stories, to bi-weekly reels, to posting daily TikToks, it’s important to stay up to date with what’s trending on social sites. 

Platforms thrive on engaging content, and videos are at the forefront of what captures attention. It’s about creating a genuine connection with your audience, and videos let your brand personality shine. 

Now, let’s talk about the dreaded, ever-changing, gate-keeper of viral videos…the algorithm. Okay, okay, it’s really not as bad once you start understanding what social sites favor. 

Platforms love when trending sounds are used. Remember when you couldn’t scroll five videos into an app without hearing the corn song? People were jumping on that trend like crazy, for their big break to become a viral sensation. Next time you post a video on your platform, be sure to look for trending sounds to use so you’ll maximize your engagement. But how do you find these trending sounds? I recommend following @creators on Instagram to stay up to date with what’s hot. As for TikTok, you can easily search “trending sounds” right into the search bar. 

Next, how many hashtags is too many hashtags? Both TikTok and Instagram recommend using 3-5 per post. Yes, you technically can include up to 30, but I’ve discovered that fewer is really going to get you better engagement and reach. Using niche, specific hashtags helps to narrow your pool of targeted customers, making it easier to establish a highly engaged audience.

Lastly, is it really necessary to post multiple times a day in order to keep the algorithm happy? Absolutely not. It comes off “spammy” and disingenuous. Post when you want to post.  

Consider creating a content calendar, planning out your video content in advance. This may seem tedious, but if you carve out an hour of your week each week to establish a well thought through content plan now, your future self will thank you. If you’re lost, start out with this goal: post two videos per month on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, two-three pictures or graphics per week on Facebook and Instagram, and an engaging Instagram/Facebook story daily. Also, don’t be afraid to go live. Your audience wants to know what you’re up to, so next time you get a new shipment, go live with a fun unboxing video. With this plan, you’re not only keeping your audience engaged consistently but also allows you to repurpose content strategically across different platforms.


Paid Campaigns:

Now, let’s shift gears to paid social media marketing. Yes, you heard it right – you can make the most of video marketing without breaking the bank. Social media platforms offer cost-effective advertising options, and videos tend to get higher engagement and click-through rates.

Platforms like Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram Ads allow you to target specific demographics, ensuring your video reaches the right audience. Think about it – a well-crafted video ad has the potential to grab attention, tell a compelling story, and drive conversions, all within a reasonable budget.

It’s a good idea to create different versions of your video content to test what resonates best with your audience. You can experiment with different lengths, sounds, and styles to optimize your ad performance.

If you’re intimidated by putting money behind your video because you’re worried it will fall flat and you will have wasted money, think about it like this… Put just $10 toward boosting your video, which will have an additional 200-500 people who will see your video. In that large number at least a quarter of people will resonate with your ad, click on your profile, and have a higher chance of becoming potential customers. That’s an easy way to turn $10 into hundreds of dollars in profit, wouldn’t you say?   

Moving Marketing Dollars:

Now, here’s the real game-changer for 2024 – moving some of your marketing dollars from traditional channels to online video content. While traditional methods still have their place, the digital era demands a shift. Online videos are a reflection of how people consume information today. The average person’s screen time per day is a shocking 6 hours and 58 minutes. That leaves a lot of room for consumers to stop scrolling and engage with one of your videos.    

Allocate a portion of your marketing budget to create compelling, shareable videos. This could be in the form of product demonstrations, customer testimonials, or even creative storytelling that aligns with your brand. The goal is to catch the eye of your target audience in the sea of digital content.

Remember, you don’t need a Hollywood budget to produce effective videos. Smartphones today have impressive cameras, and there are plenty of user-friendly editing tools available. The key is authenticity and a message that resonates with your audience.

In the realm of social videos, both for organic engagement and paid campaigns, the mantra is clear: create a compelling story that resonates with your audience. With the rising tide of video content consumption, these platforms offer affordable and efficient ways to connect with your audience. By reallocating some of your traditional marketing dollars into online video content, you’re not just following a trend – you’re seizing a powerful opportunity to make your brand stand out.

Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes snippet or a professionally crafted advertisement, social videos have the potential to create a lasting impression. This trend isn’t just a wave; it’s a surge of momentum that, when harnessed wisely, can propel your business to new heights in 2024. Embrace the power of video marketing, and watch your brand shine in the digital spotlight!

Ready to plunge into the dynamic universe of video marketing? Connect with me on LinkedIn to divulge your triumphs and video marketing exploits with me – together, let’s cultivate a lively community of flourishing small enterprises! Until our next rendezvous, remain splendid in the domain of enthralling videos! 🎥✨



Kendle Bomersbach
Creative Fulfillment Manager
ThriveFuel Marketing