Why ThriveFuel

At ThriveFuel, we believe in personal and professional growth. We expect you to be in the office when you’re needed and not a moment longer. You’ll be expected to work hard, meet your objectives and delight our customers.

We are a different kind of company.
We stand by our core values. Honesty, Fairness and Respect aren’t just words. These deeply held principals are the driving force in everything we do. At ThriveFuel you will find a culture of freedom and deep responsibility. No micromanaging, but no slacking either. Not everyone can handle that. Can you?

Our Core Values

  1. Impact: We highly value those who make a real impact on the company, our team members and our clients.
  2. Respect: We believe that respect is something we all earn from each other over time. But there is no question that all teammates deserve a level of respect from each other and the company. You were smart and talented enough to join our team. We respect you on day one. Please treat us with respect as well.
  3. Judgement: We expect you to naturally show good judgement. It means that you don’t abuse the freedoms that ThriveFuel gives you. When you work from home you work hard. You make sure that your bases are always covered and you do what is needed to have the most impact.
  4. Communication: We all are moving fast and as a team. We highly value those who communicate clearly and quickly. No bottlenecks.
  5. Honesty: Being honest means sharing good news and bad news equally. With our teammates, clients and business partners. If you get your feelings hurt easily or don’t like to be challenged then ThriveFuel probably isn’t the place for you. If you enjoy perpetual improvement and value excellence then we want to talk to you!
  6. Curiosity: We treasure those that are curious. Curious about technologies, tactics, clients and our teammates. Without curiosity we can’t improve and innovate.

What We Offer

  • A competitive, incentivized compensation plan.
  • Generous Paid Time Off.
  • Company sponsored health insurance.
  • The flexibility to work remotely, in the field or in a coffee shop of your choosing. You need to be in the office when you’re actually needed in the office. Other than than that, enjoy your freedom.
  • 401K with company match.
  • Industry specific training and an opportunity to grow.

What We Expect

  • A passion for success.
  • High performance and effectiveness. If you’re an account executive we expect you to bring in new clients and have a passion for their businesses and goals. If you’re a creative we expect an excellent work product. We value and expect results.
  • Self motivation. You are granted great freedom at ThriveFuel. This freedom requires that you’re self motivated and that you do what needs to be done without being asked.

If this type of culture sounds like a good fit please reach out to us as positions become available.

Current Open Positions

Regional Marketing Consultants

  • Victoria, Texas
  • Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Central Texas: Austin & San Antonio Region
  • East Texas: Tyler & Longview Region