Digital Marketing Can Be Easier! An Introduction to Integrated Website Solutions

Hey there, fellow digital enthusiasts! 👋 I’m your friendly guide through the ever-evolving world of websites. With over two decades in the marketing game and hundreds of websites under my belt, I’ve ridden the waves from the web explosion to the transition from bulky Flash to responsive HTML5, and every twist and turn in between. Websites? Yeah, I’ve seen them come a long way.

The Website Journey Unveiled

Remember when your small business website was just a digital sign pointing visitors to your business phone number and address? Oh, how times have changed! Now, it’s not just about having a website; it’s about having a 24/7 online lead-generating powerhouse that showcases your business, products, and services in the most informative, fast, and engaging way possible. Not only does your website have to be informative and up-to-date, it has to be engaging and offer a seamless user experience. Your website is literally an extended member of your staff offering 24/7 sales and customer service. And as if that isn’t enough, it also has to be informative and chalk full of authentic content so that Google will deem it worthy.

Navigating the CMS Jungle

CMS websites like WordPress? They’re fantastic – customizable, expandable, and, with the right team, a potent online marketing tool. But let’s face it, they’re not an all-in-one solution. Adding plugins and tools is cool, but you’re likely to end up juggling a collection of other tools like Constant Contact for CRM, Hootsuite for social media, and Monday for leads. It’s a daily grind of monitoring platforms, apps, logins, and alerts. Exhausting, right? Up until now, that has just been the accepted way of handling small business online marketing. But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

Enter the Integrated Revolution

Picture this: managing all your digital marketing initiatives from one place – the backend of your website. Welcome to the era of integrated websites! Platforms like Wix, Squarespace, or Heyflow bring you a holistic approach to modern online marketing. Your website becomes a user-friendly hub integrated with social media, boasting a built-in CRM with contact management, and providing a one-stop-shop for all your incoming communications. But wait, there’s more! Platforms like TF360 from ThriveFuel take it to the next level. Many combine multiple toolsCRM, email and SMS marketing, lead generation, website management, content creation, and moreall in one cohesive system.

The All-in-One Digital Toolbox

Integrated websites are the digital superheroes of our time. AI chatbots for instant engagement, calendar integration for seamless online booking, custom forms with automated workflows, social media management, Google review management – these sites don’t compromise on tools. You can still ignite your SEO game, track analytics, and connect digital ad campaigns, just like you do with WordPress… only you don’t need a web developer to get it done. The platforms are so easy to use and accessible, even you, the guy with zero coding knowledge, can make your website work for you.

Brains and Good Looks!

Fancy tools? Check. Stylish good looks? Double-check. Integrated website platforms offer a dazzling array of modern templates, all completely customizable using visual page builders, making it a breeze for savvy small business owners to edit and update their websites. If you can edit a word document, you can update the content on your website. And don’t worry about user experience – everything is built in, ensuring a seamless and intuitive journey for your customers. Imagine built-in forms with dynamic questions, automated follow up emails that continue to engage your customers, incredibly intuitive AI chatbots for on-site, and yes, off-site communication. Keep that conversation going even after they leave your site with SMS.

Not All Platforms Are Created Equal

Integrated website platforms are gaining popularity, but not all are equal. High Level-based platforms stand out, offering a myriad of tools and customization options built with marketing in mind. ThriveFuel’s TF360, built on this genius platform, is a tailored solution for small business owners seeking an integrated online marketing revolution. They’re affordable too! Where Wix will charge you a monthly hosting fee and a per-app fee for each of the tools you add to your site, with TF360, you pay a monthly fee for hosting and access to all of the tools in the toolbox. Want to utilize SMS marketing or take payments on your website? You can do it with TF360! Just pay for the SMS messages you send or connect your Stripe or PayPal accounts to the platform. Did I mention the built-in social media manager that comes with the system at no extra cost? How about the prospect tracker or the highly customizable CRM? Yep. All included in your monthly service fee.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Sure, you can sign up for your own account on an integrated website platform like Wix and navigate the complexities yourself, if you have hours to spare. All of the resources you would need to become a master of the system are available online completely free. Or, if you find yourself short on time and want a jump start, you can partner with an agency like ThriveFuel. Our team knows exactly how to make the system work for you. With a track record of helping unique small business owners achieve their goals, TF360 is the real deal – a complete, easy-to-use, and affordable solution that maximizes your marketing dollars.

Visuals Speak Louder

For those who need to see it to believe it, check out some recent TF360 masterpieces:

Stir Soda Shoppe: This client needed an easy-to-update website that offered multiple custom forms and the ability to expand if needed. They wanted to showcase their unique brand while using creative design to engage website visitors and drive them into their brick-and-mortar and mobile locations. Visit Stir Soda Shoppe!

The Evermore Event Venue: This client wanted a simple yet impactful website that utilized video and photography to share the experience of hosting an event at their venue. They wanted to utilize storytelling and testimonials to drive website visitors to contact them through custom forms. Visit The Evermore!

Boys and Girls Club of Cuero: This client needed a website that incorporated custom forms complete with automated workflows, an integrated calendar, an easy-to-use blog, and a way to sell tickets online for their annual play. They also needed it to be incredibly easy-to-update so that they could keep their community informed. Visit Boys and Girls Club of Cuero!

The Green Cow Creamery: Yet another fun and unique brand that needed an easy-to-update website that used clever design and imagery to share the experience of being inside one of their locations to online visitors. They are utilizing the built-in CRM to communicate with their customers while also driving website traffic through paid digital campaigns. Visit The Green Cow Creamery!

JanServ Cleaning: A brand new company, this client needed an online presence that clearly showed their experience and professionalism, despite their newness to the area. Using TF360, we were able to get them a custom designed landing page up and going in record time while building out their full site. They are utilizing TF360’s custom forms and automated workflows to track leads from their website. Visit JanServ Cleaning!

After more than 20 years of designing and building websites, there isn’t much that surprises me anymore…or at least that’s what I thought. You guys, I really cannot say enough great things about the TF360 platform and what it offers small business owners. I know that, when it comes to your business, you wear all the hats and that you really don’t have time to juggle the complexities of modern digital marketing. Believe me when I say that an integrated website on the right platform really can make next level digital marketing easier so that you can focus on all of the other things on your plate.

Ready for a website that does more? Reach out to the expert team at ThriveFuel Marketing. We would love to help you along your journey to integrated online marketing success!  Connect with me on LinkedIn and share your small business website stories. 🚀

Jaclyn Brady
Chief Operations Officer

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