Google’s GeoGrid: See How Visible You Are & Dominate Local Search! ️

Hey there, local business rockstars! Feeling lost in the Google jungle, wondering how your business stacks up against the competition? Fear not! Today, we’re unveiling your secret weapon for local domination: The Google My Business Geogrid Map.

Think of this as a treasure map for your online presence, revealing your visibility for specific keywords across different areas around your business. No more guessing!

Imagine a grid: each square represents a location, and our technology tracks your ranking for chosen keywords in each one. We then translate this data into a cool heatmap, showing you where you shine and where you need a little polish.

Why is this important? Google loves local businesses, and proximity matters! The GeoGrid helps you understand how visible you are in every corner of your city, so you can optimize your local SEO strategy.

But how do I use it? That’s where ThriveFuel Marketing comes in! We’ll:

  • Decode your GeoGrid: We’ll analyze the data and identify areas for improvement.
  • Optimize your GMB: Make your profile Google-friendly and attract more customers. ⭐
  • Craft local content: Create content that makes you stand out in your area. ✍️
  • Dominate local search: Climb those rankings and get found by more customers!

Ready to unlock your local potential? Let’s leverage the power of Google’s GeoGrid together! Schedule a consultation with us today and start your journey to local domination!

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Happy exploring!

Jason Holmes


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