Sonya Timpone Expands Role to Include Website Coordinator at ThriveFuel Marketing

Sonya’s Journey at ThriveFuel Marketing

ThriveFuel Marketing is proud to announce the expanded role of Sonya Timpone within the company. Sonya, who initially joined ThriveFuel as the Content and PR Director in May 2023, has excelled in her role and is now overseeing the agency’s website design and development.

What Sonya’s Promotion Means for the ThriveFuel Team

With her wealth of experience as Publisher & Group Manager for various newspapers, Sonya has proven herself to be a forward-thinking leader, dedicated to the success of both the company and its clients. Her track record of implementing successful sales strategies and cost-cutting measures demonstrates her ability to drive growth and make impactful contributions, benefitting the ThriveFuel team as a whole.

What Sonya’s New Role Means for ThriveFuel Clients

With her new role, Sonya will now oversee website design and development for our clients, ensuring that they have someone truly invested in the success of their site and business growth on the local level. This expanded role will guarantee that clients receive personalized attention and a deep commitment to their online presence and business success within the local community.

Getting to Know Sonya

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Sonya enjoys spending time with her three kids, attending their sporting events, and hanging out with friends and her King Charles Spaniel—Charlie. She also has a passion for photography.

Join Us in Celebrating Sonya’s Success at ThriveFuel

Sonya Timpone, an active and engaged member of the Cuero community, will manage her expanded role from the new downtown Cuero office, reflecting her deep commitment to local businesses and the community. Join us in celebrating Sonya’s success and her continued contributions to the growth and success of ThriveFuel Marketing.