Unveiling the Power of AI in Small Business Marketing: Insights from Bethany Hernandez

In a world where technology evolves at record speed, it’s imperative for businesses, no
matter how small, to stay ahead of the curve. Recently, at a Lunch and Learn event
Bethany Hernandez, Sales Director at ThriveFuel Marketing, gave a presentation about
the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of small business marketing. Her
enlightening presentation discussed in detail how AI can be harnessed to streamline
marketing efforts, and here are the key takeaways.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence
Before diving into the practical applications of AI, Bethany gave a fundamental
understanding of what AI is. AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines.
These machines are trained to think and act like humans, collect and process data,
identify patterns, and use this information to make predictions and decisions. However,
it’s crucial to remember that AI doesn’t comprehend emotions. It operates solely based
on data and algorithms.

Utilize and Humanize AI-Generated Copy and Graphic
One of the most exciting aspects of Bethany’s presentation was the discussion on how
small businesses can utilize AI to create compelling copy and stunning graphic designs.
AI-driven tools like Simplified, AI Writing, and Copy (Dot) AI are transforming the way
businesses generate content. These tools not only save time but also enhance the
quality of output. By delegating repetitive copywriting tasks to AI, small businesses can
free up their creative minds to focus on strategic tasks that truly require human touch.

Stay Authentic, On Brand, and Connected with Your
While AI can assist in content creation, it’s essential to maintain authenticity, branding,
and a connection with your audience. Bethany emphasized that AI tools should be seen
as enablers, not replacements, for human creativity. Tools like Lumen5, which help in
video creation, and Notion (Dot) AI, which aids in summarizing and editing, empower
marketers to remain on-brand and maintain that human touch in marketing campaigns.
Small businesses can leverage AI to streamline their content creation process while
ensuring their unique brand identity shines through.

Unveiling AI in Everyday Life
Bethany drew attention to the widespread presence of AI in our daily lives, even if we’re
not always aware of it. From facial recognition to automatic driving automobiles and
language processing, AI has permeated various facets of our existence. For example,
you might have received a message from your bank regarding “suspicious activity” –
that’s AI at work, swiftly protecting your financial interests.

Staying Updated in the World of AI
In an ever-evolving field like AI, staying updated is crucial. Bethany recommended
several LinkedIn profiles, YouTube channels, and podcasts where enthusiasts and
business professionals can delve into the latest AI trends. She suggested following
profiles like Superhuman AI, AI Evolution, Andrea Garcia, and The Marketing Millennials
on LinkedIn. For video content, she recommended YouTube channels like AI with Oliver
and Phil Pallen. Podcasts like Dr. Marketing Tips Podcast, Perpetual Traffic, and The
Local Marketing Trends Podcast can also provide valuable insights into the world of AI.

7 Must-Have FREE AI Tools
Bethany concluded her presentation by sharing a treasure trove of free AI tools that
small businesses simply cannot afford to overlook:

  • Simplified: This tool offers AI writing, text generation, and copywriting assistance.
    Lumen5: It provides over 100 templates and pre-designed formats for video
  • Dall.E 2: An OpenAI tool that creates realistic images and art from natural
    language descriptions.
  • Copy (Dot) AI: Useful for generating easy-to-read content, social media captions,
    and Facebook content.
  • Notion (Dot) AI: This tool assists with summarizing, editing, brainstorming, and
  • Genei (Dot) IO: An automatic summarization tool that produces blogs, articles,
    and reports.
  • Lalal (Dot) AIT: It’s a tool for removing vocals, separating music, and precise
    stem extractions.

Bethany’s presentation left a lasting impression, demonstrating the potential of AI to
revolutionize small business marketing. By leveraging AI tools while retaining
authenticity and brand identity, small businesses can stay competitive and connect with
their audiences in this fast-paced digital era. With free AI tools readily available, now is
the perfect time for small businesses to embark on their AI-powered marketing journey.
For additional links to helpful AI tools or to download the PowerPoint presentation,
please click here. If you have questions about AI or other marketing matters, you can
easily schedule a meeting with Bethany at https://go.thrivefuel.com/book-with-bethany