Watch the Age of AI Event!

As you may already know, I had the privilege of hosting Thriving Amidst Disruption in the Age of AI on Tuesday, February 21st. This fun, insightful, and exclusive event allowed us to dig into the myriad complexities of AI (artificial intelligence).

Specifically, we discussed how AI is shaping the future of marketing—and, let’s be honest, the world!—and how it is still possible to THRIVE in business and life in the midst of this rapidly changing landscape.

As the CEO of ThriveFuel Digital Marketing, I strongly believe in the power of education and staying informed of the latest trends and technologies. After all, if you don’t willingly get on board with change—especially in this environment—you’re going to get left behind.

A special “thank you” to Innovation Collective Victoria for their collaboration on this event. If you were unable to attend, no worries! For your convenience, we recorded the entire presentation, which can be reviewed by clicking on the button below.

Watch Full Video

Thank you for your interest. Keep learning and THRIVING!