South Texas TV is LIVE!

Are you ready for some exciting news? A project several years in the making is live and we couldn’t be more excited!

At ThriveFuel, we are students and observers of disruption. For decades, audiences have been shifting their attention away from printed products like newspapers and magazines to radio, broadcast television, and cable.

However, more recently, the shift has accelerated to include the move from broadcast, cable, and satellite to internet video, OTT, and streaming apps.

This got us thinking, “why not a streaming service dedicated to Texas?” And then, “why not a streaming service dedicated to South Texas?” After all, South Texas is a big place with a lot of diversity in culture, people, food, and industry. And that’s how the idea behind South Texas TV was born.

We’re excited to announce that South Texas TV is LIVE. Now streaming on the web, ROKU, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. Our mission is to bring you stories and culture unique to the communities throughout South Texas, from Victoria and Corpus Christi all the way to the Valley and along the coast. We’re a small team with big ideas, and you’ll recognize much of the programming. However, over the coming months, we plan to bring you original content from throughout the region.

Stay tuned. You, your friends, or even your business might be the next big story on South Texas TV. Click below to check it out now!

Also, if you’re a business owner or marketer, we’re creating some extremely cost-effective and efficient ways for you to reach the South Texas TV audience.