A Drone License—It Matters

Have you been thinking about hiring someone to perform drone services for you and/or your business? Smart thinking! Today, professional drone services are an effective way to take your marketing techniques to the next level, allowing you to get ahead of the competition. Word to the wise, though: Do your homework and only hire a professional drone pilot, someone who is both licensed and insured. 

The Advantages of Hiring a Drone Professional

Remember, we’re talking about you, your name, and your business. As such, you want to work with a credible professional, someone you can trust and rely on to deliver nothing but quality—and legal—work. 

When it comes to drone services, that person is someone who has taken the time to study and learn about drones, from best practices to safety measures and all of the nuances in-between. In short, choosing to work with a professional who has enough pride to earn a Part 107 Remote Pilot License is a surefire way to get a better return on your investment. 

Further, this license allows the pilot to legally fly the drone throughout Class G airspaces without worry, as well as within five miles of an airport, as long as the proper go-ahead from air traffic control has been granted. Additionally, in order for an individual to earn money from their drone services, a license must first be obtained.

So, if you hire an unlicensed drone pilot for any type of work, not only are you breaking the law, but you could also face a hefty fine—a fine upwards of $10,000. Of course, this doesn’t take into consideration any accidents or damage that could be caused due to an uneducated pilot’s negligence. And, if the pilot isn’t licensed, what are the chances they’re insured? 

Contact ThriveFuel for Professional Drone Services

At ThriveFuel, we’ve conveniently eliminated all risks mentioned above, as our drone pilots are educated, licensed, and insured. You can depend on our drone professionals to always fly ethically, meaning they’ve studied drone safety and regulations and are fully prepared to get the job done correctly. Better yet, our pilots have the license to prove it! 

Are you still thinking about hiring someone to perform drone services for you and/or your business? Contact ThriveFuel today—let’s get flying!