Gary Moore of Insight Edge and Local Broadcast Sales Stresses the Importance of Forward Thinking

It’s been a minute . . . Okay, maybe longer than a minute, but (finally!) The Local Marketing Podcast is all new this week! Have you missed us? We’re thrilled to share our latest fun and exciting episode with you. 

Joining Jason is Gary Moore, President/CEO of both Insight Edge and Local Broadcast Sales. Gary has had quite an impressive career, spanning three-plus decades and a variety of industries. His resume offers well-known companies, including The Houston Post, McClatchy, and San Diego Union-Tribune. 

Fun fact about Gary: He started as a lifeguard in sunny San Diego, before catching the attention of a professional in the newspaper space. Yes, networking has always been—and continues to be—an important component in, well, all types of business. 

Throughout this interesting and, at times, surprising conversation, Gary reveals the myriad disruptions of technology he’s experienced during the span of his career in broadcast, print, and digital media. While his takeaway is simple, it’s still difficult for many to grasp today: Don’t be afraid of new things. Additionally, keeping an open mind and having the willingness to accept and prepare for change can almost always lead to success. 

Gary also discusses his company, Insight Edge, and how it utilizes personality to place employees with the most appropriate companies. After all, building the right team for your company is challenging, to say the least, but also extremely rewarding.

Later, Shannon and Adam share their thoughts on the chat. Of course, it wouldn’t be The Local Marketing Podcast without cocktails! Adam chooses Hendrick’s Gin, sipping it with ginger ale and lemon from a coffee mug, while Shannon refreshes with a N/A craft beer: Upside Dawn Golden from Athletic Brewing Company. 

The seventh episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is out now. Enjoy!

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