Supply Chain Issues, Google Analytics, Holiday Marketing, and NFTs—Oh, My! The Local Marketing Podcast—Episode 02

Ready for the second episode of The Local Marketing Podcast? Jason Holmes and company return (with adult beverages in hand) this week to chat about a variety of marketing topics, including supply chain issues and holiday marketing tips. By the way, if you haven’t started your holiday marketing campaign yet, you’re late—like, really late. A successful holiday marketing campaign should start in the summer. Who knew?! Don’t worry, though: Amanda Bowlby and the rest of the team cover options that you can still pursue this month to get customers interested in your products, such as recycling old campaigns. 

Shannon Ellisor brings Google Analytics to the roundtable discussion, hoping to help smaller businesses to better understand the idea of website traffic, as well as the importance of learning about your audience. Jason steps in to offer detailed and informative background information on Google Analytics. And while these analytics can be helpful, it’s also noted that they’re not the be all to end all. 

Finally, Adam Mahan gives an in-depth look into NFTs—or, non-fungible tokens. Not familiar with NFTs? Think of them as certificates of authenticity. Correction: digital certificates of authenticity. They co-exist with Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in a place called “block chains.” 

The word of the hour—er, hour and a half (this week’s episode is a little long-winded but definitely not boring!) is clearly “adapt.” Specifically, it’s necessary for companies to get creative and learn how to adapt in order to find new revenue streams, especially in regard to supply chain complications that many are seeing and currently experiencing today.

Are you intrigued? Even just a little bit? If so, the second episode of The Local Marketing Podcast is available now. Enjoy!

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