The Local Marketing Podcast – Episode 01

We are beyond thrilled to welcome you to the very first episode of The Local Media Podcast. The Local Media Podcast is a weekly roundtable discussion where we talk about a variety of timely marketing topics, regardless of specific market or niche. Educational? Sure! But even more important, we’ve created a space that is similar to enjoying a happy hour conversation with friends.

Made up of members from ThriveFuel, a digital marketing company out of South Texas, regular contributors to the podcast include Jason Holmes, Shannon Ellisor, Amanda Bowlby, and Adam Mahan. Today, they’re all here with a primary topic of their choosing (and an adult beverage because, hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere) to provide a little bit of professional insight.

Jason kicks us off by bringing up the ever-evolving world of “Google My Business.” Google. . . Is it a noun? Is it a verb? Is it a . . . Wait, does anyone really know what Google is?

Recently, “Google My Business” became “Google Business Profiles.” While the change isn’t totally out of left field, considering Google tends to consistently reinvent itself, what does this rebrand mean for businesses?

Next, we smoothly segue into a topic that has been on everyone’s mind lately: Metaverse. Metaverse may not have an effect on local marketing right now, but what could it mean for the future? Specifically, where is Metaverse headed and how should the marketing industry prepare itself?
Finally, we touch on CRM—customer relationship management—before closing out the chat with the idea of social influencing and how brands utilize recognizable names and figures to create a sense of legitimacy.

So, if any or all of these topics are of interest to you, we welcome you to kick up your feet, pour yourself a drink (regardless of the hour; we don’t judge!), and listen to The Local Media Podcast—available now!

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