Welcome to the team, Annie Tao!

Meet Annie Tao! 

Annie is a digital marketing designer, web developer, graphic artist, and overall social media guru. Yes, she can—and does—do it all! 

Specifically, Annie works with clients to help them with website updates, technical SEO, newsletters, blog posts, course administration, and so much more. 

Annie is detail-oriented, a fast learner, creative, and technical—all assets the ThriveFuel team is excited to utilize. Annie is looking forward to working with new professionals and increasing her knowledge of web development and design. Additionally, she’s thrilled at the opportunity to gain fresh experiences and collaborate with different individuals while building strong relationships with all clients, both new and old. 

Annie’s Background:

She has experience with WordPress, CSS, several programming languages, writing content, and advanced graphics software. Annie earned a BS at the University of California, Davis, double-majoring in Computer Science and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Fun Facts about Annie: 

She speaks Cantonese and Mandarin. In her spare time, she likes to code, draw, and drink milk tea.

Please join us in giving Annie a warm welcome to the ThriveFuel team!