Welcome to the team, Cutter Slagle!

Cutter is a content writer who has the ability to engage an audience with his words, whether he’s writing a social media post, blog article, or web page. 

Cutter writes social posts for clients, as well as blog articles, bios, and handles all other content-related needs as they arise. 

He is a creative and innovative individual. Cutter is thrilled for the opportunity to work with a new team, expand his skill set, and learn about new industries. 

Cutter’s Background: 

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in creative writing from The Ohio State University.

Fun Facts about Cutter: 

Cutter is a traditionally published author who started working on his first novel when he was 12 years old. He enjoys writing and reading crime fiction, blogging, running, eating Sour Patch Kids, and watching reruns of Sex and the City. He also once pursued the acting field and has previously starred in some local commercials and student films.

Let’s all welcome Cutter to the ThriveFuel team!