ThriveFuel Presents The Crisis Marketing & Recovery Master Class

We are continuing our educational series in May and you will not want to miss this! ThriveFuel has partnered with Shannon Kinney, Founder & Client Success Officer of Dream Local Digital. Shannon is a dynamic and sought-after speaker and industry expert in online marketing and media.

She brings more than thirty years of experience in media, and more than twenty years of experience in leadership roles developing scalable digital SMB marketing including startups such as, Knight Ridder Digital, LinkedIn, Google, eBay, Microsoft, and many media brands throughout North America.

In this presentation you will learn:

  1. The affects of the pandemic on consumer behavior and media consumption.
  2. How smart businesses can excel during and immediately after a crisis.
  3. How to grow your marketshare during recovery.
  4. What you should spend time on and what you should stop doing!

Position your company for recovery and growth throughout the rest of 2020. Register for this free session today!


Live Broadcast: Tuesday, May 12 at 1PM CST


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