The CMS of Choice: WordPress or Concrete5?

Are you considering implementing a content management system to run your local business website but unsure of where to start? Or maybe you’re just unsure if the one you are using is good enough. Truthfully, when it comes to CMSs, there are two big names that stand out: Concrete5 and WordPress. Both are open-source, reputable systems powerful enough to build and manage websites. But what exactly are the differences between them and which one should you be running?

Both WordPress and Concrete5 are free to install and use, offering basic functionality. Both allow for backups, which are vital for protecting key data and encouraging cloud hosting which is much less infrastructure-intensive than local hosting. While it’s possible to design and manage a simple website using just the base package, most users want to customize their experience and add functionality that matches their business needs. Both CMS systems offer both free and paid plug-ins and add-ons but Concrete5 seriously lags behind WordPress in this regard. WordPress has a multitude of add-ons to optimize SEO, guarantee security on your website, increase website speed and everything in-between. Concrete5 has significantly less to offer in that regard.

This is mainly due to the fact that Concrete5, overall, has a smaller base of enthusiasts than WordPress. The official WordPress development forums are busy with users discussing problems, requesting plug-ins and offering each other support. Meanwhile, Concrete5’s forums are much less active, making the development of plug-ins and getting support more difficult and frustrating. Creating and managing websites can be intimidating to new business owners and having an online community, along with a knowledgeable local team, are the keys to success in the long-term.

If you’ve been using Concrete5 as your CMS and you find yourself tempted to migrate to WordPress, get in touch with ThriveFuel. We have experience with both systems and will ensure that your migration goes smoothly and painlessly. We are also on call for any support or maintenance that you need.