Get A Jump On Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Solutions for 2019

The new year is here and it is promising to be an exciting one for small businesses everywhere. More people are online and interacting with fresh technologies which are creating newer demands and innovative solutions. Virtual reality, automation and voice search are just a few trends which gained widespread traction in 2018.

Entering into 2019, cellular carries announced industry-wide plans for the soon-to-be-released 5G network connectivity, promising a massive overhaul in mobile capacity, coverage and speed in order to accommodate the incredible number of wireless users and amount of data we all consume (TechRadar).

This all sounds exciting, yes?  Well, unfortunately, many small businesses have yet to so much as even update their website to optimize for mobile viewing. Even worse, many still have no social media presence or even inactive, unclaimed pages. For businesses who are stuck in 2009, taking advantage of 2019’s technologies will prove rather difficult.

If this sounds like your business’s current online state, there is no need to panic.  There are a few simple tweaks you can make to ensure that your online profile is caught up and ready for the latest, on-the-horizon tech and mobile trends in store for 2019.

Accurate Listings

Firstly, if a search engine like Google can’t find you then your potential customers certainly won’t be able to either. The foundation of a strong online presence is verifying that your listings in online directories are updated with your current business location and contact info. Equally important is making sure that your website URL is properly listed and the contact info on your site matches that with your online listings. Far too often consumers end up calling the wrong number or show up at an incorrect address – and usually end up at a competitor.

Online Reviews and Reputation

Online customer reviews are the 21st-century word-of-mouth.  Thanks to being able to claim online listings, businesses can now control the direction of their online reputation like never before. Reviews – both positive and negative – left on various listing sites, as well as social media pages, provide the opportunity to boost the positive feedback left by your customers.  The power of online reviews, just like word-of-mouth recommendations, build trust between brands and their consumers.

Maximizing Social Media

Developing an intentional and cohesive social media strategy will serve to strengthen your search engine listings. Additionally, an active social media presence will also provide a platform to boast and promote the raving reviews left by your customers. However, more importantly, a strong and active social media plan allows you to tell your brand’s story and propel your online presence above your competition, keeping you top-of-mind and relevant when your customers are ready to purchase.

Technology continues to evolve faster and faster – it seems – every year.  With every innovative device comes new ways for businesses and brands to interact with their consumers.  The mobile tech outlook for 2019 is worth getting excited about and now is the time to make sure your brand’s online presence is ready for what is on the horizon.

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Adam Mahan is a contributor to the ThriveFuel blog. Adam has 15 years of experience in digital telecommunications and media, working with Fortune 500 companies as well as digital marketing agency start-ups.