How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?


This is a very common question we receive from business owners and decision makers. Often when we start a conversation with a prospective client, the question, “How much is it?”, gets blurted out before we’ve discovered what the prospect even wants to accomplish! Unlike off the shelf products, the services supplied by advertising agencies and marketing companies don’t have a fixed price tag. It all depends on the clients goals, cost structure and budget.

This said, the answer to this question is surprisingly simple: Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Let me explain.

There are actually two reasons that these services don’t cost anything. The first is that if what we offer isn’t exactly what you need then the price is zero. We don’t want to sell you anything. Companies like ours supply products and services that local businesses actually need. If you don’t feel that you need a strong web presence, an excellent digital strategy and overall marketing plan then we probably aren’t a good fit for you. We are a digital agency after all!

This leads into the second reason: A well planned marketing strategy is an investment in your brand and organization. In the business world, there are companies that invest in marketing and growth and then there is everybody else. These are usually the market leaders. They follow the audience and have a strong desire to be top-of-mind but also to target the right consumers at the right time.

This doesn’t mean that a business owner needs to turn over a blank check. To the contrary, a long-term budget is different from a short-term marketing plan and like most agencies we provide proposals and execute strategies that require planning and tactics that span a range of services. For example, the strategy for a single business may include some or all of the following products and services:


Basic Digital Marketing

  • Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Accurate Directory Listings
  • Basic Email Marketing
  • Basic SEO


Advanced Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Advanced SEO
  • Social Media Advertising and Retargeting
  • Targeted Display
  • Targeted Video
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Internet Radio
  • Conversion tracking


As you might imagine, the investment in an overall digital strategy can span a significant range from just a few hundred dollars per month to much more. What you, the business owner, needs to decide is what you would like to accomplish. What does success look like? Do you want to grow quickly or do you want to grow slowly while mixing in different tactics that advance your overall strategy? Only you can answer these questions.

We are here to assist you when needed.

If you need budgeting help, a proposal for services or just would like to know more about digital marketing or advertising in general please reach out today!


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