National Emergency Test Hits Your Phone Today

It’s no secret that our world has moved from analog to digital. TV isn’t TV anymore, it’s video on demand and streaming. Print is all but dead. Radio is a ubiquitous term that means different things to different people: Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM and local broadcast.

Similarly, the national emergency system is moving to digital. FEMA announced yesterday that it would be testing the National Emergency System and Wireless Emergency system today. While TV and radio emergency systems will be tested, this is the first nationwide test of the Wireless Emergency System. So, when your phone goes off with an ominous, emergency sound at 1:18PM CT, don’t panic! This is just a test.

Even FEMA needs to reach people differently. Consumers are no longer tied to their living rooms or office buildings. They’re on the go, consuming snippets of content on their phones rather than spending hours with a newspaper or catching the 6 o’clock news. Culture defeats strategy. Shouldn’t your business have a strategy for mobile?